Pittwater Views

Composition, Composition, Composition… If you want a good photo, it all starts with composition, I have seen fantastic photo’s taken on iPhones and point and shoot cameras, so spending your hard earned on a top of the line DSLR will not guarantee your photo’s will be any better… One of the lessons it took me […]

Canon’s Mirrorless EOS M

Mirrorless is all the rage The new EOS M is Canon’s first mirrorless EOS camera. Combining the imaging quality of a DSLR with the convenience of a point and shoot, it features an 18MP APS-C sensor. While the idea of a mirrorless camera is not entirely new, the EOS M is Canon’s first step into this particular […]

Stairway to Heaven

Canvas Print Guarantee Just a reminder that if you buy one of my photos and want it printed on canvas, I offer the following guarantee; “If you are not truly, absolutely, 100% delighted with your canvas print then contact me and I will arrange for them to be returned. I will even pay the return […]

Barrenjoey Headland

Time to Replace my Manfrotto 55xProB Tripod I am on the hunt for a new tripod, not that there is a lot wrong with the one I have, But it does have a couple of flaws… There was a time I didn’t even think a tripod was necessary, now I never leave home without it. […]