Just another photo sharing site?

Is 500px just another photo sharing site? Yep… basically, that is all it is… for some reason though, I like it. It has a few cool features and the user interface is nice and easy to use. There are some fine photographers sharing there images and it is easy to follow, vote and like stuff. […]

Nikon S800c Android camera thingy

I wonder if Nikon are barking up the wrong tree? I understand the temptation for camera companies to try to come up with something that with rival the smartphone, I can imagine the boardroom conversation of Nikon, Canon, Fuji, Olympus… etc. “How do we create a camera as popular as the iPhone?”… the R&D departments […]

Days End in Coffs Harbour

The Daily Pic – Days End ‘Days End’ – As I was waiting for the perfect colours to appear from the horizon this boat was heading in before last light. Taken at Coffs Harbour on the NSW North Coast… can you guess if I used HDR or not for this image??