The Sky is on Fire

A Photographers Secret Okay, it’s not really a secret but it got you to read this didn’t it? Stay with me… Yesterday I witnessed another fantastic sunset here in my home town Sydney, at the same time I also witnessed a Photographer that missed the shot… why… lack of Patience! I don’t know him personally, […]

Hobart Sunrise

What do you want to learn? I get asked a lot of questions about how to take better photo’s, and truth be known, the best way to get better at taking photo’s is to take a lot more photos! Having said that, it’s always good to get tips and advice from those that have taken […]

Brand New Website!

We have Arrived… After many late nights and a lot of hours of mucking around, in just 14 days I have moved the entire site to a new server and had the whole thing redesigned from the ground up! My website can now be viewed on ANY device… that means that you can be on […]