Vivid Sydney 2014

My first Vivid Visit for 2014 I arrived home from Canberra around 3pm yesterday, and at 4pm jumped in the car and headed to Lavender Bay to have a look at Vivid. I will go into Sydney several times over the coming 2 weeks, I really like Vivid, it gives me a different perspective to […]

What’s in my Camera Bag?

A common question I will attempt to answer Where do I start? You see, it depends totally on what I am heading out to shoot, how long I will be, how far I have to hike and how certain I am about what I am shooting. When I first started in Photography, I would just […]

Fireworks Photography

You want to know how it’s done! Wow, I have had an overwhelming amount of requests on how to shoot fireworks. Ironically, I have never really shot any fireworks until New Years Eve just past. I think having a thorough understanding of the relationship between Aperture, Shutter speed and ISO will give you better results […]

Some Favourites of 2013

Happy New Year Tonight I will be celebrating 2013 in Sydney with my camera pointed at the Harbour to catch what will be a magnificent Firework display (or three) with a bunch of friends I have met during my photojourney! Thanks to each and everyone of you for a great year, here are some of […]

HDR ‘How To’ Presentation

Upper Blue Mountains Camera Club Tomorrow night I am heading to the Upper Blue Mountains Camera Club to do my 1 hour ‘HDR Evolution’ presentation. I really enjoy sharing with others the ‘how to’ of HDR and I think people are surprised to see that HDR does not have to be overcooked! If you’re a […]

Great Prizes for the G+ PhotoWALK

Thanks to our Sponsors! It’s always great when companies get behind events like the Google Plus Worldwide PhotoWALK. It’s an unmeasured leap of faith on their part as they have no idea what return they may get from their kind contribution. All I can say is they our supporters/sponsors will be unashamedly plugged non-stop by […]

The Chinese Photographic Society of Australia

HDR Presentation Tonight! Tonight I am guest speaker for the Chinese Photographic Society of Australia (CPSA). I am doing a presentation on my HDR workflow and I am going to show them how I achieve the clean and realistic HDR results. I am also going to give them a sneak peak at a lightroom process […]

Expert Shield Winners

Congratulations, your Expert Shield is waiting for you! Congratulations to the following people, you have one an Expert Shield of your choice from the Expert Shield Phone or Camera range. Paul L Turner Al Dav Jamie Anderson Helen Smith Natalie Ralston Simply submit your details HERE and you will be contacted by Expert Shield to […]

Clear to Land

Good, Cheap and Fast I am heading to Tasmania next week and decided that I would take a macro lens with me. After looking at the lenses available I settled on the Sigma 105mm Macro lens and set about finding one. After ringing around I soon worked out this lens is popular and knew I […]