A nice message…

Andrew’s first X-E1 HDR I get a lot of nice messages, I read them all and personally try to reply to them all (although it is getting harder, so If I missed you, I am sorry). I really enjoy seeing the results you get and love to hear your thoughts on the blog and tutorials. […]

My Really Right Stuff TVC-33 Tripod Arrived!

Really Right Stuff… really good stuff! I have just received my TVC-33 tripod, all I can say is WOW! and I mean WOW!… It is so well built and for the size and solidness it is damn light! I used it for the first time today and it will take me a little while to […]

Guarding the Heads

I love photography I find it inspiring to check out other photographers work, the internet has made it really easy to do just that. One of the best places to find active groups of photographers is Facebook. I have just joined a group called ‘I love photography’ and have found it to be a good […]

It Looks Like Candy!

Adobe Release Photoshop CS6 Well… If CS5 didn’t have enough tools and effects to satisfy your needs, then CS6 should get you all excited! I use CS5 and can honestly say I would be lucky to use 10% of the software for what I do, so I won’t be upgrading to CS6 anytime soon, however, […]

Hornby Lighthouse

HDR Photography Tutorial If you’re interested in photography you may be wandering how you can possibly take a photo into the sun? After all, it goes against all the rules in the photography rule book! Well, HDR is the answer, for todays daily pic I took several exposures, 7 to be exact and then I […]

The Hornby Lighthouse

A Photo Every Day I was inspired by Trey Ratcliff and his blog www.stuckincustoms.com and so far I have managed to post a photo every day since the 1st of March. I was looking back through all my pics over the last 40 odd days and I am pretty pleased with how far I have […]