Photography at La Perouse

Bare Island at La Perouse as seen in Mission Impossible It was the last PhotoWALK of the year, and the earliest of the year, for the PhotoWALK guys. With sunrise at 5:37am a lot of the participants were setting their alarm clocks for around 3am, now that’s dedication! Unfortunately, it is the only way to […]

Foggy Crossing

New DIY Picture Framing resource I had a lot of questions about how to make your own picture frames as a result of the mini picture framing tutorial I posted on this site. I decided that I would start another site dedicated to picture framing and record a series of how to videos to make […]

Under the Bridge

Nikon Announce the D3200 After mother nature gave Japan a belting, Nikon was laying low for a while there… now all of a sudden they have hit the market harder than an angry ninja with a bunch of new gear! the D800, the D800E, the D4 and now the D3200!… the D3200 on paper is […]

Bare Island

How I take the shots for HDR photography on my Nikon D700 I get a lot of questions in regards to HOW it is that I actually take the shots I need to create a HDR image, so I created a short video on my iPhone to show you how. [youtube] The Daily Pic […]