Norah Head Lighthouse

Man Made meets Nature I am not sure what draws me to it, but I like something in my shots that is man made. Strange really…. I was chatting to wildlife photographer Michael Snedic and he says he has never published an image with anything man made in it. For me, when I arrive on […]

A nice message…

Andrew’s first X-E1 HDR I get a lot of nice messages, I read them all and personally try to reply to them all (although it is getting harder, so If I missed you, I am sorry). I really enjoy seeing the results you get and love to hear your thoughts on the blog and tutorials. […]

Hornby Lighthouse

HDR Photography Tutorial If you’re interested in photography you may be wandering how you can possibly take a photo into the sun? After all, it goes against all the rules in the photography rule book! Well, HDR is the answer, for todays daily pic I took several exposures, 7 to be exact and then I […]