10 Landscape Photography Vloggers to Follow

10 photography vloggers to follow

In the last six to twelve months I’ve noticed a increase in the number of landscape photography vloggers or youtubers and I don’t know if that’s because I’m looking at it more or if it’s because there just is more. There are definitely a few that really dominate when it comes to subscribers and are […]

Walking the Wentworth Pass

Tranquility in the Blue Mountains Yesterday I headed to the Blue Mountains with a friend to tackle the Wentworth Pass Track. After heading down from the Wentworth falls picnic area, it is a quick decent into the valley, this track is rated as hard, and whilst I would say it was difficult in some spots, […]

Lunch Rocks and a quick D800 review

A Quick D800 Review I don’t consider myself a ‘gear reviewer’… I am however, a keen photographer I can hopefully give you my impressions and that may help you decide whether or not this is the camera for you. I have only had the D800 for 2 weeks and in that time only taken about 200 shots, […]

Man vs Wild

eBay spam! Has anyone else noticed that eBay has 3 distinct groups… firstly, there is the group ‘used items’. I think this was the original reason eBay was formed… I love searching through all the used stuff to see if I can grab a bargain! In fact before eBay, I would buy the Trading Post […]

Twisted Tree

Hasselblad Xpan I have been looking for a panoramic film camera and considered getting a 6×17 format camera system, a 16×7 has a couple of issues… firstly, to get something decent I would need to spend between $4k and $10k, the second issue is these cameras are big and bulky! The final issue is the […]

Bridge Over Murky Water

I think winter has arrived! Wow…. that wind is ICY! From everything I have seen on Facebook and google+ it is snowing in the mountains. No wonder it is so friggin cold in Sydney! I was going to go into the city tonight for the start of Vivid Sydney, a festival where they light up […]

Cloudy Mountain

Vivid to light up Sydney This Friday the 25th May, the opera House Sails will come to life with the work of the German design team URBANSCREEN, they will use their talents to light up the sails of the Opera House and this will mark the beginning of Vivid, an annual event where parts of Sydney’s foreshore […]

Silky Smooth

Using an ND filter Have you ever wondered how to get silky smooth water in your photographs… well, it is as simple as mounting your camera on a tripod and leaving your shutter open for several seconds, or is it?… well, sort of! The challenge with leaving your shutter open for 10 or 20 seconds […]

Rouse Hill Regional Park

The ‘F’ Word…. Over on my Facebook page I was asked a question by Peter Cundy about f-stop. He wanted me to explain what it is? So here goes, we are about to enter the bermuda triangle of photography, as f-stop has two ugly sisters… shutter speed and ISO… these 3 things are what you […]