Night Photography Tips

How to take better photos at night I get many different requests sent to me, sometimes here on the blog, other times through my social media pages or maybe you asked me something in person. I keep a note of all of these things and this is how I decide what content to create for […]

HDR ‘How To’ Presentation

Upper Blue Mountains Camera Club Tomorrow night I am heading to the Upper Blue Mountains Camera Club to do my 1 hour ‘HDR Evolution’ presentation. I really enjoy sharing with others the ‘how to’ of HDR and I think people are surprised to see that HDR does not have to be overcooked! If you’re a […]

The Rule of Thirds

New Rule of Thirds Article Due to many requests I have published a comprehensive article on the Rule of Thirds with examples and a how to video. You can check it out by CLICKING HERE. Composition is Key This is one of those basic but powerful composition tips. Divide your image into 9 sections by […]

The Chinese Photographic Society of Australia

HDR Presentation Tonight! Tonight I am guest speaker for the Chinese Photographic Society of Australia (CPSA). I am doing a presentation on my HDR workflow and I am going to show them how I achieve the clean and realistic HDR results. I am also going to give them a sneak peak at a lightroom process […]

Vivid Sydney Photography Tips

Take better Vivid Sydney photo’s Are you thinking of heading out to photograph Vivid Sydney? Maybe you have already tried and you were disappointed with your results. Here are my top tips to help you make the most of this funtastic festival and create images you’re proud to share! 1. Use a Tripod The first […]

SYDNEY PhotoWALK Success!

It was great to see so many people turn up… Last night was my 6th PhotoWALK I have organised. This time it was with Rob Potter… most of my SYDNEY walks have been co-organised with Rob (Photography Hot Spots Owner) . I am continually humbled by how many people turn up to these events. It […]

Shepherding Lights

Understanding Exposure I was asked recently to explain how to use manual mode on a DSLR by a friend of mine. I get this question a lot and is it any wonder… DSLR (Camera’s in general) have a lot of buttons and dials, and some of them can be downright confusing. I shoot 95% of […]

What lens should I buy?

What lens should I buy? A¬†dilemma for some I am pretty happy with my current line up of lens, but I do get the question a fair bit… what lens should I buy? I will start by saying there is no right or wrong answer. And the lens you choose next will depend on many […]

I Updated my ‘Cameras’ Page

Added camera’s past Just a quick heads up… I have updated my camera’s page. It has a list of cameras that I am using, or have used in the past, I guess you can call them reviews, but I like to just call it giving you my opinion. I will add more info as time […]