Sydney Vivid First Look

Vivid busy with Saturday Night Crowds I headed to the city last night to check out Vivid, as I drove into the city I was kicking myself as I could see that it was extremely busy and realistically, I should have thought this through a little more… anyway, I weaved my way through the city […]

The Really Right Stuff TVC-33

Is it Really Right Stuff? I have had so many questions about my Really Right Stuff tripod that I thought I had better update my review page on the TVC-33. I had done a quick video with my thoughts on the Really Right Stuff TVC-33 that I had owned for a short time, but it […]

Norah Head Lighthouse

Man Made meets Nature I am not sure what draws me to it, but I like something in my shots that is man made. Strange really…. I was chatting to wildlife photographer Michael Snedic and he says he has never published an image with anything man made in it. For me, when I arrive on […]

Moonlit Piha

Nikon 28-300mm Lens – my thoughts After my trip to Tasmania I decided to try and lighten my travel kit by replacing a few less used lenses with one all rounder. I had heard a lot of mixed reports in regards to the 28-300mm lens and people either raved about it or absolutely hated it. […]

Sydney Hot Spots

Diamonds in your own back yard As the old saying goes… ‘There are diamonds in your own back yard’, it certainly applies to photography. Whilst I am always excited to find a new ‘hot spot’ for photography, I like the challenge of shooting something or some where I have shot many times before, but try […]

Another successful Photowalk

Observatory Hill to The Rocks I started to worry about the weather towards the start of the walk, it was overcast and there definitely wasn’t going to be a sunset… just grey! I do like clouds in my photo’s as it adds drama to the shot. We had a good turnout (I never did count […]