Firmware Update for the Nikon D700 If you happen to own the Nikon D700 there is a firmware update available for you… Your current firmware version can be checked by going to the ‘Firmware Version’ item in the cameras set up menu. The upgrade is for A and B and will take A to ver […]

A day by day update on getting my D700 repaired

Well, if you have been paying attention you would know that I dropped my Nikon D700… I was out on a sunrise shoot and was walking around the shoreline of Sydney’s northern beaches when I found a slippery Spot! I lost my footing, and my camera! I heard it hit the deck and looked around […]

Bare Island

How I take the shots for HDR photography on my Nikon D700 I get a lot of questions in regards to HOW it is that I actually take the shots I need to create a HDR image, so I created a short video on my iPhone to show you how. [youtube] The Daily Pic […]