Find your Stolen Camera Gear

I have heard all sorts of stories about people having their camera gear stolen, stories that give me shivers up my spine. I remember hearing of a photographer falling asleep on a train, he was in a foreign country, you know, travelling around and he was pretty tired. He wanted to have a quick sleep […]

Photography Tip 10 of 10

Tip #10: Try a prime lens When you buy a camera in a kit there are normally a couple of lenses. Those lenses are usually zoom lenses, you’ll get something like an 18-55mm and a 55-200mm. A prime lens is a lens that does not zoom, its a fixed focal length. If you could only […]

What on earth is the Green Cube?

The most asked question I get about my photography gear! You would think that people would ask me about lenses, bags, tripods and the camera itself… nope… the green cube gets all the attention. I guess its something you don’t see very often and slowly I am doing my bit to build world awareness about […]

Capture Fireworks

9 Tips to better fireworks photo’s With NYE fast approaching, you may be thinking of capturing your local fireworks display. There are a few ‘essentials’ to capturing fireworks… 1. Use a tripod A tripod is a must… if you don’t have a tripod you can forget trying to capture the fireworks. 2. Arrive early to […]

10 Tips to Better Photos

Brand New eBook Launched I am pleased at the response in the first 12 hours of this being launched. I announced it last night on my Facebook page and there has been dozens of downloads. It is nice to know that after many hours of compiling my tips and tricks that a lot of you […]