How to apply Topaz Adjust to only one part of your image

How to apply Topaz Adjust to only one part of your image Welcome to my brand new show, Ask Ben. This is the show where you get to ask any question you like and I will try and answer them! Why did I start ‘Ask Ben’? I get asked a lot of great questions, and […]

Why use Photoshop?

I got this interesting question… Why use Photoshop? I was asked… and my first response was… why not? Then I thought, it’s a great question… am I using photoshop when I don’t have to, or worse still… when I shouldn’t? So I sat and pondered for a while, and came to the conclusion that I […]

Under the Bare Island Bridge

Photoshop on the iPad To process my photo’s at home, I use Photoshop on the iMac, the challenge with my iMac is it isn’t portable, so when travelling, if I want to edit a photo, I would need to get a Macbook to run the same software. So I decided to try Photoshop Touch on […]

A Day at the Opera

Do You Photoshop Your Photos? I was asked this question over on facebook, and it sparked a healthy discussion so I thought I would write this blog post about photoshop. Firstly, there is post processing, and then there is photo manipulation. I am not into manipulating my photo’s, I will sometimes remove a distracting element […]