The Jetty

The Early Bird Gets the Worm Or the early rising photographer hopes to get the sunrise! In photography there is what they call ‘the golden hour’, this happens twice a day, sunrise and sunset. During the middle of the day the sun is high and harsh and makes photo’s look flat and boring. During the […]

The Hornby Lighthouse

A Photo Every Day I was inspired by Trey Ratcliff and his blog and so far I have managed to post a photo every day since the 1st of March. I was looking back through all my pics over the last 40 odd days and I am pretty pleased with how far I have […]

Beautiful Sunrise in Port Macquarie

There are not too many more times in the day more perfect that sunrise. It is the hardest time to make sure I am up but definitely the most rewarding. The colours are just sensational and this photo showcases what an early morning has to offer. There were so many great spots for photo’s in […]

Under the Jetty at Port Macquarie

This shot is a classic example of HDR at work. To get this shot I took 7 exposures, and used four of them for the final image. This way I can get all the detail under the jetty PLUS get the beautiful colours of the sky all at the correct exposure.