How to Choose a Tripod and Photography Locations in Tasmania

If you want tack sharp images a sturdy tripod is the easiest way G’day and welcome back to another episode of “Ask Ben.” Thanks so much for all the positive comments and feedback. This week on “Ask Ben,” I’m gonna answer two questions. One of them about tripods and one’s about destinations in Tasmania. What […]

The Really Right Stuff TVC-33

Is it Really Right Stuff? I have had so many questions about my Really Right Stuff tripod that I thought I had better update my review page on the TVC-33. I had done a quick video with my thoughts on the Really Right Stuff TVC-33 that I had owned for a short time, but it […]

TVC-33 Parts Arrived

Really Right Stuff deliver the goods! If you have been following my blog you may well remember I have had a problem with my TVC-33 tripod from Really Right Stuff. After emailing them they were more than happy to send me the replacement parts, and as expected, they arrived well packaged and quickly at no […]

Is the TVC-33 the ultimate tripod?

A quick update after 10 weeks of real world use… Well, after using this tripod now for a little over 2 months, I am pleased to say it is the best tripod I have ever owned. It does have a slight issue that has developed that I will tell you about shortly. Is this the […]

My Gear

Photography Stuff I have done some updating to the My Gear page, and will continue to add more info over the coming weeks. A lot of people ask me for my opinion when it come to photography gear… hopefully the My Gear page will help you decide! As I try new gear I will do […]