Hidden Gems – Rhapsody of the Seas

Small and Mighty! This is how I would normally introduce our 2.2kg Chihuahua named Rocky (yes he has a tough name and a studded collar… that’s because he is tough!), however, in this case I am talking about a new tripod from Really Right Stuff…. they’re calling it the Pocket Pod and unlike any other […]

Rhapsody Opera

Wanna hang out in the SLR lounge? I found this cool Facebook page/group. Well, okay, it’s only cool if you’re into photography, otherwise it’s probably kinda boring! Anyway, if you find all things photography interesting then you may enjoy hanging out in the SLR lounge. The Daily Pic – Rhapsody Opera Here is another pic […]

Rhapsody of the Seas

The Wacom Intuos 4 – A Quick Review… Okay, so some of you are asking… what the heck is a Wacom Intuos 4???? and some of you are thinking… cool, I always wanted one! Wacom are the company behind the Bamboo tablet, and many other professional graphics tablets. The Intuos 4 is one of Wacom’s more […]