I closed my Smugmug account!

To Smugmug or Not… that is the question! Since starting this blog some 2 years ago, I have tried a couple of different option for hosting photos online. I started with an Australian company called Photomerchant, they were good but limited, and after reading other reviews and seeing people like Trey Ratcliff utilise Smugmug (and […]

Joining the Smugmug Family

I have made the switch to Smugmug One of the challenges that every photographer faces is where to host your photos, especially if you want to be able to offer them for sale. For me, I like having my images hosted in a cyberspace locker for more than just the ability to sell them, it’s […]

Good advice from Ken Duncan

You can order any of my photos as a print… Currently I upload all of my images to another site hosted by Photomerchant for the purpose of making them available for you to purchase. To be honest, whilst I have been sort of happy with Photomerchant I am thinking of another way to enable you […]