The Ordinary becomes Extraordinary

Natures Curve Ball I love the unpredictability of Nature, even though it can be wild, dangerous and damaging, the weather can surprise us with something we did not expect. On this day, It was grey and the cloud cover was thick on the horizon, and normally, this would mean that the sunset would be a […]

Long Jetty Cats

Full Res images available on Flickr I have decided to start uploading my images to my Flickr Account in full resolution so you can view and enjoy all the detail in my images and maybe use them for your desktop background if you like! Remember, you are free to use any of my digital images […]

only 18 sleeps to go…

Heading to Beijing Only 18 sleeps to go and I will be boarding the A380 and heading to Beijing, I am actually going for a business conference, but I will definitely pack my D800 and a few lenses to see what I can capture… During this time, I will still be blogging although I am […]

Break Out

My Gear I am slowly updating the ‘My Gear‘ page. You are such a nosey lot! I have had a lot of questions about what I am using and why, I will continue to update the ‘My Gear’ page over time, so you can see exactly what I use and why… As a photographer it […]

Photomatix Pro Tutorial

How to use Photomatix Pro to create your HDR image I had a lot of people ask me how to create a HDR image, and whilst it is fairly simple, it isn’t easy to explain in a blog post. I have created a short video of me using Photomatix and explaining what I was doing […]

Golden Jetty

My D700 is SOLD wow… I put my D700 on eBay and couldn’t believe how many people were interested in it, obviously it is still a very sought after full frame camera! It is going to sound kind of sad, but I found it hard to put it on eBay and  deep down was hoping […]

A Little Ray of Sunshine

The Landscape Photographers Dream…. Well, I have decided to start planning a trip to a part of the world every keen landscape photographer wants to visit… The South Island of New Zealand! Where else in the world can you drive a few hours and go from glaciers to beautiful rivers and mountains? okay, besides Canada! […]

Stadium Sunrise

Sunkissed Bridge in Top 5! I shared my photo on Jimmy Mcintyres’ ‘strange lands’ travel photography page on Facebook and this week he has featured it as one of the top five most liked for the week, you can see it here on his blog. The Daily Pic – Stadium Sunrise I was surprised as […]

Sensational Sunrise

The Lowepro Inverse 200 AW – A Quick Mini Review For years I have been buying different camera bags, and I am yet to find the perfect solution. I think I have found a near perfect solution as a ‘day pack’ or ‘travel pack’. In fact, I bought the inverse as it fits inside my carry […]