The Sky is on Fire

A Photographers Secret Okay, it’s not really a secret but it got you to read this didn’t it? Stay with me… Yesterday I witnessed another fantastic sunset here in my home town Sydney, at the same time I also witnessed a Photographer that missed the shot… why… lack of Patience! I don’t know him personally, […]

The Boatshed

You must have a really good camera… I hear it a lot… I don’t get offended by it, I just find it amusing! I know that if I was to use the same oven as the most famous chef in the world I wouldn’t come close to producing the same result. I saw this some […]

Photomatix Pro Tutorial

How to use Photomatix Pro to create your HDR image I had a lot of people ask me how to create a HDR image, and whilst it is fairly simple, it isn’t easy to explain in a blog post. I have created a short video of me using Photomatix and explaining what I was doing […]

Sunset Jetty

Boo to the HDR haters! I was reading Trey Ratcliff’s blog today and I am surprised to see some of the messages he gets about his images. He is an inspiring photographer and artist. It would seem there are some photographers that believe post processing images is no good, and that it is ruining photography… […]

Forever Jetty

A night at Vivid Sydney Last night I headed into the City to check out the Vivid Sydney light display. It is very cleverly done and I am sure someone has spent hours and hours to design and develop it. It was actually really hard to capture in a picture as everything about it keeps […]

Waiting for the Sun to Set…

On my last day in Perth I decided to hit the beach to watch the sun set. (something we don’t really get on the eastern side of the country). Whilst I was waiting I noticed these Seagulls just chilling out on the beach enjoying the view! This was taken at Scarborough Beach just in from […]

Golden Hour on the Gold Coast

I took this picture at sunset from my balcony. I was staying at Broadbeach at Peppers Resort on the 31st Floor. I just love the colours in this picture, the HDR processing really brings a cityscape to life for me. I have just had this image printed 30″ x 20″ and it looks awesome. I […]