The Lone Surfer

The D800 and Landscape Photography I don’t know much about medium format cameras as I have never used one, I did get the chance to look over the shoulder of a fella that had used the pentax 645 super dooper 80 megapixel hugenormous digital camera… (I think I just made up a new word or […]

A Rocky Start

First Xpan film is on it’s way to the lab! Wow! The excitement of sending off film is hard to explain… I sent off my first roll today, I thought I had better see what results I get before running any more film through the Xpan, unlike digital, each time I press the shutter button […]

The Boat Shed

Here’s what is in my Camera Bag [vimeo w=500&h=281] The Daily Pic – The Boat Shed After hiking in the rain for a couple of hours it was nice to stop here for a nice hot cuppa! This is the Boat House at Palm Beach, northern beaches of Sydney.

Foggy Bare Morning

Who’s going to win this shootout? Check out this guy… Sometimes a photographer has to get right into the firing line to get that ‘shot’… it looks like it may have been a march or protest looking at the background, who knows, this may have been set up, or this photographer was brave enough (or […]

Tides Out

It’s a small world after all The internet has made it easy for us to be all over the world, and it has amazed me how many people from around the globe have connected with me due to this blog and my Facebook page. Although I think the traditional club still has its place, it […]

The Rock

Happy Mothers Day! Well.. today is the mother of all days! The day we thank our Mums. I want to take this opportunity to wish all the mums a Happy Mothers Day and hope you enjoy your day wherever or whatever you may be up to! In particular all the mums in my life… a […]