Savage Dog

Matt Pearson Fine Art Photographer It is always cool to meet other photographers when I am out and about taking pics, as for landscape photographers, we are creatures that usually gather at two particular times of the day, sunrise and sunset. I was at Long Jetty after planning a trip there for a sunset shoot. […]

Cloudy Mountain

Vivid to light up Sydney This Friday the 25th May, the opera House Sails will come to life with the work of the German design team URBANSCREEN, they will use their talents to light up the sails of the Opera House and this will mark the beginning of Vivid, an annual event where parts of Sydney’s foreshore […]

Rouse Hill Regional Park

The ‘F’ Word…. Over on my Facebook page I was asked a question by Peter Cundy about f-stop. He wanted me to explain what it is? So here goes, we are about to enter the bermuda triangle of photography, as f-stop has two ugly sisters… shutter speed and ISO… these 3 things are what you […]