Australian Water Dragon

Whilst wandering through the Chinese Gardens in Darling Harbour I came across this fella on a rock… he was happy to sit and pose, and I really got quite close, set up my tripod, and took several multi exposure shots. After his photo shoot he headed back into the water and you wouldn’t even know […]

There is a ‘Mystery’ in Every Waterfall

This is a waterfall in the Chinese Gardens in Darling Harbour in Sydney. I don’t know what it is about waterfalls, but I know that I for one, am always drawn by them. It’s hard to believe that such a beautiful and tranquil place exists in the middle of Sydney City. It was a nice […]

A Nice Way to finish a Great Day in the City

After spending the day with family and friends in the city today, we were treated with a fireworks display at Darling Harbour. As I only had my 50mm prime lens on me it was hard to fit the fireworks into my shot! I took about 40 photos and out of these only 2 or 3 […]