A Day at the Opera

Do You Photoshop Your Photos? I was asked this question over on facebook, and it sparked a healthy discussion so I thought I would write this blog post about photoshop. Firstly, there is post processing, and then there is photo manipulation. I am not into manipulating my photo’s, I will sometimes remove a distracting element […]

Rhapsody Opera

Wanna hang out in the SLR lounge? I found this cool Facebook page/group. Well, okay, it’s only cool if you’re into photography, otherwise it’s probably kinda boring! Anyway, if you find all things photography interesting then you may enjoy hanging out in the SLR lounge. The Daily Pic – Rhapsody Opera Here is another pic […]

The Opera House

It looks as though our Opera House has been renovated! I came across this picture and was amazed at how the architecture of this temple in India was so similar to our Opera House. This picture by the way is courtesy of http://pixhd.net and is of the lotus Temple in New Delhi. The Daily Pic – The […]

Sydney Opera House

Here is a sunrise shot of the Sydney Opera House. The Harbour Bridge is so  B I G  that sometimes it can sometimes eclipse the Opera House. I will have to head over to the other side of the harbour to get some more pics of the Opera House on my next city photo adventure! […]