Lunch Rocks and a quick D800 review

A Quick D800 Review I don’t consider myself a ‘gear reviewer’… I am however, a keen photographer I can hopefully give you my impressions and that may help you decide whether or not this is the camera for you. I have only had the D800 for 2 weeks and in that time only taken about 200 shots, […]

The Boat Shed

Here’s what is in my Camera Bag [vimeo w=500&h=281] The Daily Pic – The Boat Shed After hiking in the rain for a couple of hours it was nice to stop here for a nice hot cuppa! This is the Boat House at Palm Beach, northern beaches of Sydney.

Two Bridges

36 megapixles of goodness! I went to the shops today to get a jumper (it’s cold here right now!) … and as always, I had to pop into the camera store to see what they have (my wife says I have an addiction to cameras just like her addiction to handbags!) anyway, I spotted a […]

As busy as Pitt Street

Slow shutter blur One of the downsides of still photography is, well, it is just that, STILL! It is probably preferred in most cases to keep your image sharp, and this is done by making sure your shutter speed is quick enough to stop all the action tack sharp. Having said that, I quite often […]


Firmware Update for the Nikon D700 If you happen to own the Nikon D700 there is a firmware update available for you… Your current firmware version can be checked by going to the ‘Firmware Version’ item in the cameras set up menu. The upgrade is for A and B and will take A to ver […]

Harbour Vee

Get down low and go, go, go! You have probably heard the saying ‘Get down low and go, go, go’ as good advice when you’re stuck in a building fire, whilst I can only assume it is good advice in case of fire (I have never personally tested the theory) it is also good advice […]

Silky Smooth

Using an ND filter Have you ever wondered how to get silky smooth water in your photographs… well, it is as simple as mounting your camera on a tripod and leaving your shutter open for several seconds, or is it?… well, sort of! The challenge with leaving your shutter open for 10 or 20 seconds […]

Rouse Hill Regional Park

The ‘F’ Word…. Over on my Facebook page I was asked a question by Peter Cundy about f-stop. He wanted me to explain what it is? So here goes, we are about to enter the bermuda triangle of photography, as f-stop has two ugly sisters… shutter speed and ISO… these 3 things are what you […]