Turimetta Falls

Heading back to Tasmania I just finished organising another quick trip to Tasmania. After my first trip in March I was really keen to get back there. This time of year is the turning of the Fagus… what is Fagus I hear you ask? It is a Deciduous Beech (Nothofagus Gunnii), a tree that grows […]

Barrenjoey Headland

Time to Replace my Manfrotto 55xProB Tripod I am on the hunt for a new tripod, not that there is a lot wrong with the one I have, But it does have a couple of flaws… There was a time I didn’t even think a tripod was necessary, now I never leave home without it. […]


It’s a matter of opinion It amazes me how so many people (photographers in particular) will be critical about another photographers photo. Sure, it is great to get feedback on technical elements and the likes, but the subject and composition is entirely up to you! After all, it’s your photo… and that makes it your […]