Icons of Sydney

Taking Great Night Shots I see a lot of people struggling to take a great shot at night, and the number one thing I see is trying to take a photo at night, without a tripod, that would be like trying to fry an egg without a frypan… If you want nice sharp images at […]

Glassy Harbour

I Love Sundays… I enjoy Sunday’s, it’s the day where I can hang around in my slippers for hours and no-one is going to judge me! What to do today..? I have a few things on my to do list at the moment, I am currently framing my ‘Three Sisters’ panoramic image and I am […]

Sydney Sights

Composition, composition, composition… As a photographer the key to a great photo is composition, there are a bunch of rules in regards to composition, but for those of you that know me, I am happy to break the rules! Sometimes I will post a photo on a photography forum for feedback and it is interesting […]

A Day at the Opera

Do You Photoshop Your Photos? I was asked this question over on facebook, and it sparked a healthy discussion so I thought I would write this blog post about photoshop. Firstly, there is post processing, and then there is photo manipulation. I am not into manipulating my photo’s, I will sometimes remove a distracting element […]