How to Photograph Waterfalls

What settings to use, several tips and some traps that you need to watch out for. I was asked by one of my followers on Facebook to explain the settings I used to capture the image on the right so I thought it was a good idea to put together a video that will show […]

Photography Tip 5 of 10

Tip #5: Post process your photos. One of the things that I’ve heard a lot in photography is that some people don’t like post processing. There are some people that think that you’re better at photography if you don’t have to post process your image. I think that’s absolute rubbish. I think it’s almost essential […]

Night Photography Tips

How to take better photos at night I get many different requests sent to me, sometimes here on the blog, other times through my social media pages or maybe you asked me something in person. I keep a note of all of these things and this is how I decide what content to create for […]