Opera House Chocolate

I want to unwrap it and eat it! I would love to be in a planning session when the VIVID teams are putting together their ideas… I think it would be an interesting meeting to be a fly on the wall. Although this is less VIVID than most, I like the way it appears the […]

Vivid Sydney Workshop

All Aboard I love the way the shadow of a passing ferry is used on the Opera House this year… very clever! If you want to join me on Thursday night for my Vivid Photowalk Workshop I only have 3 tickets left, I have capped the workshop at 6 people so you get plenty of […]

The Rule of Thirds

New Rule of Thirds Article Due to many requests I have published a comprehensive article on the Rule of Thirds with examples and a how to video. You can check it out by CLICKING HERE. Composition is Key This is one of those basic but powerful composition tips. Divide your image into 9 sections by […]

Google Plus Worldwide PhotoWALK

Sydney 2nd Anniversary Worldwide PhotoWALK In 3 weeks Google will be holding the second worldwide g+ Photowalk, this is a chance to get out and about with other photographers, not just in your local area, but on a world wide scale, take pictures and then share them on Google Plus for the rest of the […]

Loving Topaz Clarity

What is CLARITY? Topaz Labs have really come to the party with this plug in. I have been using the Topaz Labs plugins for a little over a year now and my favourite Topaz Plugin is Topaz Adjust, although they’re all good! I think you can save around $250 if you take the complete plugin […]

Vivid Sydney Photowalk

Vivid Sydney Photowalk this Saturday! Just a reminder if you haven’t already registered for this Saturdays Vivid Sydney PhotoWALK then you should now! Why… well, it is free and also a lot of FUN! So far we have about 50 people registered. Remember, you do not need to be a guru photographer to come to […]

Vivid Sydney Photography Tips

Take better Vivid Sydney photo’s Are you thinking of heading out to photograph Vivid Sydney? Maybe you have already tried and you were disappointed with your results. Here are my top tips to help you make the most of this funtastic festival and create images you’re proud to share! 1. Use a Tripod The first […]

Beam me up Scotty

The Three Sisters panoramic print for just $66! If you liked my photo of the Three Sisters from yesterday’s blog post, you can order a 12.5″ x 30″ panoramic print from my website for just $66 plus postage. This is the largest you will be bale to have framed with a matt board around it, […]

Vivid Sydney

La Perouse Tag Along Tomorrow I will be heading to La Perouse for a sunrise shoot. Last time I headed here for Sunrise the weather gods were working against me and it was very very foggy. Hopefully tomorrow morning I will get to see the sun rise! If you want to ‘tag along’ and enjoy […]