Low ISO, Tripod, Remote shutter release

If you want to get better results when shooting at night then you will need to use a tripod at minimum. The reality of photography is you need a certain amount of light to take a photo, and at night, you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to work out there isn’t as much light… Without the light you are going to need to leave your shutter open for longer, and this can cause blur unless you use a tripod to keep your camera still. Other choices you have are to increase your ISO or to open up your aperture (you will need to read my ‘understanding exposure’ series if you’re not clear how to use these or why).¬†I would also recommend you use a remote shutter to reduce the risk of you shaking the camera as you press the shutter release button.

City Cahill
Using a tripod you will get sharp images at night

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