Day two in Tasmania

I am up early for my second sunrise shot of the iconic Dove Lake here in Cradle Mountain. Last night we went wildlife shooting, and well, there wasn’t much about besides a few wombats and wallaby’s.

Being an alpine area the weather can change in an instant without warning, several times we have arrived at a locale with the sun shining only to be donning the raincoat 20 minutes later. I guess that’s why they call it a rain forest.

The area in and around the Cradle Mountain National Park is beautiful and a photographers playground. I can see that I am going to have to head back here at some stage and explore other areas.

My thoughts on the workshop/tour

If you hadn’t caught my earlier blog posts you wouldn’t know, but I am here in Tasmania on an organised photographer workshop/tour run by Michael Snedic and Luke O’Brien. I have found them both to be very good and accommodating, but having said that, for a destination like Cradle Mountain, I could have done this on my own as the workshop side of things, so far, is more basic, whilst aimed at all levels of photographer they still need to cover the basics so newer/less experienced photographers learn.

On the plus side, it was very easy… they have organised all meals, accommodation and transport. My recommendation is that if you’re struggling with the ‘how’ of using your camera then these workshops are perfect. I think the only time I will look at joining another tour is if it is somewhere that is more logistically challenging like their Africa tour, where they have trackers, guides and vehicles especially equipped for photographers.

Today’s iCandy – Tall Trees

I was wandering through the rainforest. I always wanted to be in a place with really tall trees so I could shoot straight up with a wide angle and create the converging lines. In this case, the trees were interesting too with the green moss and growth on them.

Tall Trees1183 (1 of 1)

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