Live from Cradle Mountain Chateau

I left Sydney yesterday morning on my way to my first ever multi day photography workshop. I booked this trip as a 40th birthday present to myself some 6 months ago. Travelling is something I love to do and taking the camera is one of the ‘non-negotiable’ things on my check list. Travelling purely just for photography is rare for me so this is a real treat.

I decided to book a photography tour/workshop as this is the quickest and easiest way. I didn’t have to think about anything else but packing the right gear and getting myself to Tasmania, once at the airport I was picked up and we were on our way!

The week long Tasmania Experience Workshop/tour is being run by 2 Australian Photographers, Michael Sednic and Luke O’Brien. Michael is known for his nature photography, he doesn’t take any photo’s with anything man made in it and spends a lot of time chasing rare birds and animals in the wild whilst Luke is known for his Landscape work here in Tassie, in fact, if you buy a postcard in Tasmania it may well be Luke’s image!

As I write this I am up early(ish) if you can call 5am early, getting ready to go shoot the sunrise over Dove Lake with Cradle Mountain in the background.

Although I have not yet seen the top of cradle mountain due to the weather. I headed down to Dove Lake last night to check it out. I took my camera even though it was raining being the optimist that I am (and kind of excited to be here!). I thought it looked kind of moody with the mist rolling off the mountain so I tried to take some shots… I think I spent more time removing water droplets off my lens than doing anything else… it reminded me of Forest Gump… the rain was coming sideways… heck, it was coming straight up too! Hoping the weather clears up real soon. Looking out the window this morning it looks like the wind and rain has moved on so I expect to be able to get some great shots this morning…

Today’s iCandy – A very grey sunset

Here is my first ever shot of the iconic Dove Lake boat shed… Luckily I am here for a couple of nights longer… I will get another chance at sunset tonight!

Cradle Boat Shed (1 of 1)

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