On3legs | The Fuji X-E1 is impressing me!
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The Fuji X-E1 is impressing me!

The Sexy One (aka the X-E1)

Fujifilm have really come to the party with this one… I am IMPRESSED! I am planning to start posting my review, thoughts, rambles… whatever you want to call it… Hopefully I will get the Fuji X-E1 page started in the next 48 hours so stay tuned… I am also going to do a X-E1 vs NEX 7 showdown… they’re both great camera’s and I wonder who will come out on top!

Get your camera out and head to Long Reef!

I am looking forward to catching sunset from Long Reef tonight. We have about 20 people in total registered for this walk between g+ and FB so it will be a good chance to catch up with other photog’s, share and learn… Use this link to view and register – The weather is set to be pretty good, there will be a passing shower in the afternoon but this clear by 6pm… I hope to see you there! I am bringing the new Fuji Sexy One… aka the X-E1 mirrorless camera with me if you want to check it out! I also need to finish the Velvia film in the Hassalblad Xpan so It may make an appearance too! Here’s a pic I took last time I was at Long Reef… Cheers, Ben.

Long Reef pathway

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