So many images…

First real day of being back at home after a couple of great photography inspired trips. First was to Tasmania, where I got to capture the Aurora Australis, the most exciting shoot I have ever done, then I was in New Zealand for the last week, spending a few days in and around Auckland, ran a photowalk and made some new friends and then headed to the south island of NZ with my wife Nichole. The south island is such an amazing place and I  have already started to plan when and where I will go on my next trip!  I have over 2000 images from the trip and will start to sort through and process them this week… it’s going to take me a while I think!

Today’s iCandy – The Golden Mountain

These mountains are so big… any photo does not do it justice. The shear size does not translate so well into a photo without something to give you perspective. This is lake Wanaka. It runs along these mountains for 77kms, the deepest point is something like 350 metres deep and its huge… on my first day in Queenstown I decided to take a drive to see what was around and take in some of the scenery. As the sun was setting it was like turning a big gold light on in the mountain… beautiful!

Golden Mountain


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