Best Beginner DSLR

I get asked this question alot… what is the best camera to kick off with? Well, just about every manufacturer makes a camera that is perfect for the beginner. Before you blow your hard earned on something that may become a paper weight, I have a few tips.

1.If you have a friend or family member that has a DSLR, get the same brand as they have. Firstly, they can shortcut the manual for you and secondly, you can share lenses.

2. Think about what you want to take photo’s of… some cameras are better suited to sport, some to landscape… same with lenses, they all have their strengths, and weaknesses.

3. Buy second hand, there are plenty of bargains to be had on eBay… you will save $$$$.

The Daily Pic – The Good Ole Days

The Fremantle Roundhouse opened in January of 1831. It was built as a Gaol and eventually was used just as a holding cell/police lock up until the late 1800’s, then it became accommodation for the water police. If you caught yesterday’s post I explained that using photoshop was quite normal in the digital age. Here you can see I have used it to give my shot the look of an old film camera… sorry Mr Nikon, I know you have spent many man hours and many hundreds of thousands of dollars getting your cameras to produce amazing detail and colour… but I felt I wanted to get the look of the good ole days!

the Roundhouse old days

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