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I was inspired by Trey Ratcliff and his blog www.stuckincustoms.com and so far I have managed to post a photo every day since the 1st of March. I was looking back through all my pics over the last 40 odd days and I am pretty pleased with how far I have come with my HDR processing. My first few that I processed I thought were fantastic at the time, and when I look at them now, I see so many things wrong with them. I will go back and re-process those that I deem worthy! Hopefully, in another 40 days I will look back to today’s daily pic and have learnt so much more that I will want to re-process it too!

The Daily Pic – The Hornby Lighthouse

Do you know why this lighthouse is painted red and white? It is so it is easy to distinguish it from the Macquarie Lighthouse that is two miles south. I have been wanting to photograph a lighthouse for sometime now, and found this one on Rob Potters Site www.photographyhotspots.com.au and decided to head out and shoot it!

This was the first time I felt I needed a wider lens, this is shot at 16mm so I could get the lighthouse and the sun at the same time, and the challenge was the amount of distortion on the edge of the pic made the Lighthouse lean in towards the ocean. After some tricky photoshop work I managed to fix it!

Hornby Lighthouse Sunrise

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  1. Nice work. I have had a similar experience with HDR – there is definitely a learning curve and after a while I find that “less is more” definitely applies to HDR processing.

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