The Early Bird Gets the Worm

Or the early rising photographer hopes to get the sunrise! In photography there is what they call ‘the golden hour’, this happens twice a day, sunrise and sunset. During the middle of the day the sun is high and harsh and makes photo’s look flat and boring. During the golden hour, the sun helps the sky put on a display of colour that will attract oohs and ahhs!

Getting up early has not really been something I am a fan of, however, besides the benefit of the colour in the sky during sunrise, there are very few people up at that hour and it makes it easy to get landscape pics without people getting in the way, I am finding myself starting to really enjoy watching the sun rise!

The Daily Pic – The Jetty

This is a classic example of the colour that can be found at sunrise. I took this on my recent motorcycle trip up the north coast, this is a jetty in Port Macquarie… enjoy!

Port Macquarie Jetty Sunrise

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