Trey Ratcliff’s HDR tutorial

A quick review… I stumbled across the HDR technique when looking for ideas for inspiration on the web, and once I looked a little deeper, Trey Ratcliff was the name that kept popping up. Little did I know but this guy is a world renowned (and very humble) HDR photographer with some of the best photo’s I had ever seen!

I was quick to check out all of his free stuff, including the free tutorial on his site. And whilst that got me and my photo’s part of the way there, it wasn’t enough to produce results like today’s daily pic. If you buy his HDR tutorial, you are getting to watch Trey Ratcliff processing photos for 11 hours, you see his techniques and tools. In addition, you get his insights into how he composes a photo and his thought process behind an image. Overall, this would be the best $97 I have ever spent on photography, and if you’re keen on producing high quality HDR results, I can recommend you head over to and buy his tutorial.

The Daily Pic – The Lonely Lathe

If you do get Trey’s HDR tutorial you will understand why I have named this the LONELY lathe…. He loves to give all of his pics funny emotive names and I think it’s kind of cool… anyway, the daily pic is from the recent google + walk I went on. This is an old lathe in the machine workshop on Cockatoo Island. Enjoy!

the lonely lathe

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