New Rule of Thirds Article

Due to many requests I have published a comprehensive article on the Rule of Thirds with examples and a how to video. You can check it out by CLICKING HERE.

Composition is Key

Rule of ThirdsThis is one of those basic but powerful composition tips. Divide your image into 9 sections by using 2 lines in each direction (horizontal and vertical) evenly spaced. You will end up with 4 intersections. It is important to place your subject, or an important part of the subject on one of the intersections. The temptation is to put your subject dead in the middle, but this isn’t as appealing as having your subject off to one side. Some cameras have the option to overlay this ‘Grid’ in your preview, I suggest you turn it on until it becomes second nature.

Today’s iCandy – Vividly Red

The Vivid Festival in Sydney had it’s final night last night, it is being dubbed as the ‘other’ New Years Eve due to the popularity. I must say at times it is super busy!

Vivid Sydney 2013

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