A Photographers Secret

Okay, it’s not really a secret but it got you to read this didn’t it? Stay with me…

Yesterday I witnessed another fantastic sunset here in my home town Sydney, at the same time I also witnessed a Photographer that missed the shot… why… lack of Patience! I don’t know him personally, in fact, all I did was said hi the way photographers say hi when we’re all gathering at a photogenic spot to catch what we hope will be a spectacular light show in the sky provided by nature.

So it started off with a few rays of light streaming through the clouds, and I made sure I captured it… it then looked like the clouds were too thick and it was going to be a non event… I waited and waited… I watched this other photographer pack up and leave… Ken Duncan’s words kept ringing in my head… “Wait until all the other photographers leave then catch the best light” and then BAM… without warning the sky lit up and looked like it was on fire. To the photographer that packed up and left… I am sure as you drove away and then watched the sunset while in the traffic you kicked yourself… I know… I have done it too…

The secret… be patient, relax, chill and wait it out. You may get rewarded!

Today’s iCandy – The Sky is on Fire

So here is one of the shots from last night. I am loving Lightroom 4, that’s what I used to process this. I bracketed my shots so I could create a HDR version too but haven’t done that yet… I will do that when I have a little time, but for now, I am pretty happy with this. I will have to put together a quick video showing you how easy it is to use Lightroom 4 to process a photo.

Fire in the Sky Sydney Australia Sunset

The Technical Mumbo Jumbo

[tabbed tabs=”Camera|Mode|ISO|Aperture|Shutter|Lens|Filter|Other info”] [tab] I used my trusty D800 for this one [/tab] [tab] I used Aperture Priority (aka AV) [/tab] [tab] ISO100 – I always shoot as low as possible [/tab] [tab] f13 – this gives me a good depth of field [/tab] [tab] 0.4 seconds [/tab] [tab] Nikon 14-24mm lens [/tab] [tab] No filter was used [/tab] [tab] This is the -1ev from a series of Bracketed shots. The reason I used this is the Sky was starting to be blown out in the 0ev and all I had to do was recover some of the shadows using lightroom to bring the detail out a little. Even though this was shot at -1ev it is a RAW file, the -1ev was a little too dark so I increased it to about halfway between -1ev and 0ev. Another good reason to shoot RAW! [/tab] [/tabbed]

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