Should I run a Photography Class?

I have had a lot of people ask me if I run classes… the short answer is no. However, it got me thinking, maybe I could run a session to help some of you understand how to use your camera better. One of the challenges with the modern digital camera is that it can be a little confusing, you know, with so many functions and buttons! My belief is that you cannot just attend a class/course and then take great photo’s, it is a process of evolution, you have to take a certain amount of really crap photo’s to learn how to take better ones… that’s how you learn… well hopefully you learn from your mistakes. If you’re interested then contact me by CLICKING HERE or you could shoot me a message on my facebook page

The Daily Pic – The Three Sisters

I took this from the echo point lookout, the view from this lookout is amazing! Here you can see why we call these mountains the Blue Mountains… Once winter is over and it is a little warmer I am planning on spending a day or two hiking around the area… enjoy!

The Three Sisters Australia

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