I love a good panoramic image, if you look at some of our more successful photographers, they are masters at capturing a panoramic image… the digital age has made it easier for us to be able to do the same, I have even got an app on my iPhone that creates panoramic images for me, and I got to say, it does a pretty good job!

The Daily Pic – The Three Sisters

When I was standing at the lookout in the howling cold wind, I had no idea what a great image I had captured… I could hardly feel my fingers and my face they were so cold, and it really affected my concentration, in fact, I think I was rushing… there is something to be said  for knowing my camera, and being able to shoot in these conditions. This is a panoramic image made from 6 photo’s that were then joined together using software. Of course I did a little bit of work to get them right, about 3 hours worth to be exact! I think it was worth it… enjoy!

The Three Sisters

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  1. Hello Mano I am always using for the paionamrc the canon 14mm 2.8 using in vertical position with the manfrotto head 303PLUS before I used the software Ptgui but now the combination with lightroom and photoshop cs5 is just perfect and save you a lot of time in postprodAll the best

  2. Wow! What cool images! I cnunitoe to be amazed at your photographic eye and your design sense. Your entire blog looks fantastic and you cnunitoe to inspire my work. Keep it going!

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