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Sharing is how we grow… so I am going to give a shout out to a couple of new photographer friends, Luke O’Brien and Michael Snedic. I met Luke and Michael on a recent 7 day Tasmanian Experience workshop, they were the hosts and I must start by saying they did a great job… organising an Aurora and the likes…. (I am sure they wish they could!).. anyway… Both of these guys are great photographers in their own right, but more importantly, really nice, helpful guys. We have kept in touch since the workshop and I am sure we will for a long time to come.

If you want to find them on the web, here are some links for you.

Michael Snedic

If you’re an Aussie and buy Australian Photography you will probably recognise Michael as he has been writing for them for years, and has had several of his images published on the cover of the magazine.

Check out his Website or head to Facebook and like his page

Luke O’Brien

Luke is a landscape photographer, originally from Melbourne, he moved to Tasmania for the spectacular landscapes to shoot… an all round great guy with his own gallery in Hobart… make sure you drop in and say hi if you’re ever in the area

Check out his Website or head to Facebook and like his page

Today’s iCandy – Through the Pylons

A different view of the Opera House and Harbour Bridge…

Through the Pylons

The Technical Mumbo Jumbo – This was shot at f5.6, ISO100 and is 3 exposures blended together. one at 5 seconds for all the brighter stuff, one at 15 seconds for the sky and a 25 second exposure for the underside of the bridge.

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  1. Thanks, Ben :-)) You are a true gentleman.. Your presence on our Tasmanian Photography Workshop and Tour was well-received by all on the trip. Your positive nature, infectious enthusiasm for life and your willingness to help others was much appreciated. Cheers – Michael

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