Should I do another Auckland Photowalk?

I will be back in Auckland on the 11th May and was thinking about organising another PhotoWALK, they are such great fun and I would love to do it again if I have enough keen people. This time I would probably suggest meeting at Mount Victoria and shooting sunset from the top of the hill and down the bottom of the hill for blue hour. Anyway… stay tuned… as I may just announce one soon! Let me know if you’re keen.

Today’s iCandy – Thunderdome

I took this photo on the way to the last PhotoWALK I held in Auckland. I was just wandering around when I spotted the tops of these skylights from the streets and at that point knew I had to get inside to shoot up… boy I was impressed when I got down there, it was better than I expected… it is the Britomart transport centre, my only problem was that they did not allow tripods so it didn’t take long for me to be asked to leave… I think I will head back there in May without my tripod… I wonder how the will feel about me lying on the floor to get the shots I want?

Thunderdome Auckland

The Technical Mumbo Jumbo

[tabbed tabs=”Camera|Mode|ISO|Aperture|Shutter|Lens|Filter|Other info”] [tab] I used my trusty D800 for this one [/tab] [tab] I used Aperture Priority (aka AV) [/tab] [tab] ISO100 – I always shoot as low as possible [/tab] [tab] f8 – When shooting HDR in lower light it is important to choose a lower f number otherwise you will just end up with a bunch of 30 second exposures [/tab] [tab] 5 exposures from -2ev to +2ev were taken so different shutter speeds were used [/tab] [tab] Nikon 14-24mm lens [/tab] [tab] No filter [/tab] [tab] Firstly, I used PHOTOMATIX Pro to make my HDR, then I used Photoshop CS6 to clean it up and finally, a dash of Topaz Detail3 to bring out the wire mesh on the ceiling. If you want to learn how to do HDR then CLICK HERE for a free tutorial [/tab] [/tabbed]

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