It’s a small world after all

The internet has made it easy for us to be all over the world, and it has amazed me how many people from around the globe have connected with me due to this blog and my Facebook page. Although I think the traditional club still has its place, it is so easy to be a part of an online club, such as forums, Facebook and flickr groups. In my online ‘virtual’ travels I come across some cool people, blogs and forums, and today I wanted to share one in particular with you. Jimmy and Rachel are travelling around the world and are blogging about it, Jimmy, like myself is passionate about HDR photography and in addition to a great blog, has a lot of great images to feast your eyes on too! Head over to their blog Strange Lands and check it out for yourself.

The Daily Pic – Tides out

Today’s pic is something a little different, in fact, like writers cramp sometimes I get a creative block, I looked at about 10 different images to process for today and nothing was grabbing me… so I started to play with this one, the main thing I love about this image is the boats in the foreground… so I used my creative license (and photoshop) to make the things I love about this image ‘pop’ out! I hope you like it… enjoy!

Tides Out

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