Best time to shoot Landscapes

I often get asked questions over on my Facebook page and will answer them by hitting reply. I have decided that I am going to post the answers to these questions here on the blog. Lets face it, they’re great questions and there is probably more than one or two of you asking or thinking the same thing.. so here goes.

This question was from Tonga, one of my Facebook fans (Thanks Tonga)

Hi Ben, I am really loving your work! so inspiring! I just recently graduated and now got lot of free time to go around exploring the world with my camera. Love your landscape work! Just wondering when is the best time to do landscape photos?

This is a great question. I find the midday sun really harsh and so for me (and many landscape photographers) the ideal time is when the sun is low in the sky. Sunrise and Sunset are therefor the 2 best times of the day, not only is the sun low in the sky, quite often the sun will project some really nice colours onto any cloud that may be about. Having said all of this, you can shoot at any time, and sometimes you will want to shoot in the middle of the day to get the photo you’re after. No good trying to shoot a crowded beach scene at sunrise…

Cloudy days are also great days to get out and about with your camera, the clouds are natures great big light diffuser and you will find the soft light can work really well. Cloudy days are my pick if I am shooting waterfalls…

I hope that helps you Tonga and thanks again for your question


Topaz Clarity

Just a quick heads up on a new plugin from Topaz Labs. They have pre-released a copy of their new Topaz Clarity to me to check out and it is awesome… I used the new plugin as part of my process in creating the image below. I am really impressed. One day I will sit and do a write up on each of the Topaz Labs products. Remember, if you want to save a few bucks you can use the coupon code: ON3LEGS for 15% of any of the Topaz products. CLICK HERE to go to the Topaz Labs Website

Today’s iCandy – Boltline

I have been going through my catalogue of images from the last 18 months… I have so many, I could sit inside for a year without taking a photo and still have plenty to process and publish! On my road trip from the Gold Coast to Sydney I stayed in Coffs Harbour. It is one of those beachside towns that is just a nice place to stay, and I imagine to live. I only had the one sunrise as I had to get back on the road that morning and head south, so I had to make the best of it. This is a big jetty and I shot it from all sorts of angles. Sometimes I like to get down low, here I just placed the camera on the Jetty and shot away!

Coffs Harbour Jetty

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