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Free Photo Editing software… and it’s awesome!

A little while back, Topaz Labs contacted me and asked if I want to be involved in a beta group for a new product. I already have a love affair with the Topaz Labs plugins that work with Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop, in particular, Topaz Adjust. So I thought “why not?” and promptly raised my hand to be involved.

As a disclaimer, I have been an affiliate for Topaz Labs for years, and you’ll find me on their website as one of their featured Photographers. You can rest assured, that I only promote stuff I use and love, and in the case of Topaz, I have always used their software. If you do buy anything from them as a result of clicking on a link I give you, I make a small commission, you pay no more, in fact, you pay less because I have arranged for you to get special deals! So we both win.

CLICK HERE to go to the Topaz Site and you can download Studio for free – Use the code: STUDIO if you want to grab the additional premium adjustments for $99 (normally $270) expires June 30th 2017

Before I get into the details… Here’s a screenshot of the program, and a before and after of an image with only 10 minutes spent taking this from a RAW file to the finished product, and using nothing but Topaz Studio to get the job done

My Thoughts

Adjustment Layers

Having spent countless hours testing Topaz Studio, it has become my go-to editor. It is missing a couple of features that I would like and I will cover them off shortly, first, let me share with you why I keep finding myself using this over my other photo editing products.

  1. It’s fast! – My Nikon D810 files are big, and everything happens really quick. Why is this so important? Well… when I want to try out different presets or adjustments, I get to see it change almost instantly when I have the image set to ‘fit’ in the screen. At 100% it takes a fair bit of time, but usually, I have the image view set to ‘fit’ unless I am applying sharpening or noise reduction.
  2. Adjustment Layers – Topaz Studio’s hero, in my opinion, is that it lets you create ‘adjustment layers’. Each layer can be one, or a combination of effects (called adjustments) than can be applied to the entire set of layers, or if I want to just one layer (I hope I didn’t just lose you there, and I promise to make a video showing whatI mean soon, as it is super cool and easy to use)
  3. Easy Masking – I can quickly apply effects to the whole image, or part of an image using masks. They have made masking really
    Easy Masking Options

    simple, but more powerful than more complex software. I can also quickly copy masks and paste them onto other layers. Topaz has been really clever and made layer masking child’s play.

  4. Copy, Paste, Save as a Preset – You can copy and paste adjustments easily from image to image, handy if you have a series. Plus you can save your adjustments as your very own presets.
  5. The Community – Another clever initiative, is the Topaz Studio community. When you first open Topaz Studio, you’ll be prompted to set up a log in. I noticed in the presets, I can choose to share what I have made, so this will mean that you’ll end up with thousands of presets to play with! Of course, you can keep your presets private if you prefer.
  6. Common Tools – In Topaz Studio, you can do just about everything you need to do, including lens correction, cropping and straightening, Undo + Redo as much as you like, RAW support etc.

What I would like to see added in future updates

  1. Clone and healing brush tools (they have already told me healing brush is coming soon)
  2. More precise selection tools for when I am masking. The current tools are good, and it is perfect in most cases, but every now and then I find myself wanting more.
  3. Image Catalogue – Rather than having to bring my images into studio, it would be nice if it had an image filing system included. So I could sort, adjust and share my images from Studio.

So what makes this better than any other photo editing software? And is it really free?

  1. It’s free… – yes, you read that right. Topaz have made this free with 10 ‘adjustments’ included. That’s enough of a reason for you to download it and give it a try. If you decide you want any of the premium adjustments, they’re all well priced, and you can get the whole pack for a discount (During the pre-release you can get the full pack of 14 additional adjustments for $99 if you use the code: STUDIO – instead of the normal price of $270) expires June 30th 2017. As with all Topaz stuff, you get a 30 day trial period to check out the adjustments anyway, so give them a go! CLICK HERE to check it out
  2. No monthly fees – So much software has gone to the software as a service model, and this means you’re paying a monthly amount for your software. I have no idea what Topaz will do in the future, but as I write this, Topaz Studio is free with the 10 Adjustments included. If you want more adjustments, you simply purchase them one time only. I have always liked this about Topaz, all their plugins have been a once of purchase, and you can use them as much as you like!
  3. It does almost everything – For most of us, we don’t need all the bells and whistles that some software offers. For me, I still have to use 2 programs for most of my image editing, as neither can do everything for me. Topaz Studio is close to being able to do all of my editing, in fact, the images on this page have been 100% edited in Studio. No need for any other software. Happy Days!

Download it for free and try it for yourself

All that is left for you to do, is download it for yourself, and see what you think! CLICK HERE, you will be taken to the Topaz Shop, find Topaz Studio and download it for free. Remember to use the code: STUDIO to get the complete adjustment pack for $99 instead of $270. expires June 30th 2017

Cheers, Ben

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