D800 or not?? that is the question

Sometimes I think I suffer from tunnel vision! Nikon have this new amazing camera, the D800, and I want one… I don’t need one… I just want one! My left brain says… “just wait, they’re in high demand right now and you will pay a premium to get one… in 6 to 12 months they will be $500 less as the shops will have stock sitting on the shelves…” the right brain says “just order one… go on!.. think of all those mega pixels.. you will love it.. go on, order one, I dare you!”  I think I will wait… but I want to make it clear, that I have a right to change my mind!

The Daily Pic -Tunnel Vision

This is the ‘dog leg tunnel’ on cockatoo island here in Sydney. It was used by workers on the island to move stuff from one side of the island to the other, as the island has a big hill on it. I have given this one the Black and White treatment for something different.

Dog Leg tunnel

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