Really Right Stuff deliver the goods!

If you have been following my blog you may well remember I have had a problem with my TVC-33 tripod from Really Right Stuff. After emailing them they were more than happy to send me the replacement parts, and as expected, they arrived well packaged and quickly at no cost to me! Even though I have only had a problem with one of the spring loaded ratchet locks, they sent me 3 replacements, not only did the send replacements, they came with thorough instructions with photos and Loctite threadlock to do the job properly!


The parts arrived from Really Right Stuff quickly

It took me about 5 mins to replace one of the ratchet locks properly, this included cleaning the old bolts with acetone. An easy fix in the end and I was pleased of how hassal free it was when dealing with Really Right Stuff… another reason why you would spend the extra dollars and get one of their tripods!

A close up of the ratchet lock I am talking about


The Daily Pic – Reflections

Okay, I have a confession… every time I see water I am obsessed with getting a shot of something reflecting in the water, there is an art to this and I have learnt 2 key things… one, the water needs to be smooth… and t

wo, get down low and I will end up with more of the reflection… I must have looked like a giant seagull on speed as I ran in and out with the waves to get this shot! After about 4 attempts I think I got a keeper…



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