A misty morning on Lake Burley Griffin

I am going to start by giving you a ‘Heads Up’… You’re going to see a lot of VIVID Sydney Pics on my blog and social media pages over the next 2 weeks. I really enjoy shooting VIVID and will spend a fair bit of my time in the city giving it my best shot (pun intended) – Anyway, if you’re a regular around here, firstly… THANKS! I really appreciate you hanging around and checking out my pics, secondly, you will know that I spent last weekend in Canberra, so I thought I would share another shot from my Canberra trip.

I woke up early with a plan to shoot the bell tower at sunrise, and I did (you will see these photo’s later). But what I wanted to share with you today is a photo that I never expected to get! After sunrise, I could see some mist on the other end of the Lake and decided to stick my 70-200mm zoom on and see what I could capture, when, out of no-where, these two beautiful black swans cruised out right in front of me!

Black Swans Lake Burley Griffin

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  1. Hi Ben,

    This is a great photo. I’m hoping to capture a similar image for a video project and wondered if you remember what part of lake you took this at?


    1. Hi Andrea. This was up at the Kingston end of the lake, at the end of Trevillian Quay from memory.I hope that helps.

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