36 megapixles of goodness!

I went to the shops today to get a jumper (it’s cold here right now!) … and as always, I had to pop into the camera store to see what they have (my wife says I have an addiction to cameras just like her addiction to handbags!) anyway, I spotted a D800 box in the cabinet and had to ask the shop assistant “is that just a box, or is there really a D800 in there?”… you’re probably wondering why I would ask this, well, I have had my name on a waiting list with my normal supplier since the D800 came out, and I was number 64 on their list, and after months, they have supplied just 50 odd cameras to the people on their list. The D800 is so sought after it is hard to get, I have seen people selling them on eBay for 20% more than the RRP! My normal supplier seemed to think I should get it before my¬†Beijing trip, but couldn’t guarantee it, so when I saw the D800 box in the cabinet at this camera store… I was like an excited kid in a candy store! To cut a long story short… well okay, it is only a short story anyway… I bought it! So I am now the proud owner of a D800 and can’t wait to get out and use it. The weather is wet & grey so no pics today but I am sure it won’t be long and you will get 36 megapixels of eye candy to feast your eyes on!

The Daily Pic – Two Bridges

The Sydney Harbour Bridge… well if you look closely, you will see it under the Anzac Bridge! You will also see the Centerpoint Tower, Sydney’s tallest tower to the right of the pic… I took this the morning after the bushfire brigade has been back burning and the smoke haze created intersting texture in the sky… enjoy!

Anzac Bridge

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